July 31, 2020

Dear Customers:

Builders Drapery Service, Inc. will be closing permanently on July 31st, 2020. It is with our deepest regret that we have been forced into this decision because of the COVID-19 shutdowns causing an unsustainable economic slow down.

Builders Drapery Service, Inc. has been a main stay in the new construction, apartment and wholesale industries for over 48 years. Our family has been proud of what we have done for these industries and we are thankful to have you all as our customers.

We have ceased taking orders but we will remain active in collecting our receivables.

Please remit all payments on time to Builders Drapery Service, Inc. and send them to:

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You may also reach us to discuss payments by email at John.Garden@buildersdrapery.com.

Thank you again for patronage for over 48 years.


The Garden Family

  • Avoid These Mistakes When Selecting New Blinds

    Your options for commercial blinds for apartments in Milpitas or San Jose will be broad, so you should know what qualities you’re looking for when you choose yours. Accurately measure your windows so you can find faux wood blinds that fit, and try to switch up your blinds in different rooms of the apartment. Mini blinds can be a great choice, but not everyone is familiar with their advantages. There are many ways an inexperienced buyer might end up with the wrong window coverings, so read on and avoid these mistakes when selecting new blinds.

    Blinds in an apartment by Builder's Drapery Service

    Failing to Measure Properly

    Knowing what you want your commercial blinds for an apartment to look like is one thing, but knowing that they fit is even more important. Even if you find blinds that fit the home design perfectly and offer energy saving benefits, they won’t do anything if you can’t hang them up. Remember to measure your windows when you set out to purchase new blinds. Take the measurements beforehand, write them down, and have them ready when you meet with the professionals. Then you won’t have to go back and return your blinds when you realize that the set you bought doesn’t fit your windows.

    Overusing the Same Blinds

    If you’re looking for residential window coverings for your personal living space, you can do whatever you want with your design. If you’re looking for commercial blinds for apartments that you’ll be renting out, on the other hand, you want to make them as accessible as possible. Don’t use the same blinds in every window in every room. Switch up the aesthetics to make your potential tenants feel like there’s something to discover in each room they walk through.

    Not Considering Mini Horizontal Blinds

    The ideal blinds are durable, aesthetic, and low on maintenance requirements, which makes mini horizontal blinds an excellent choice. They can be used in an apartment, an office, or a retail store, and you can find just what you’re looking for without going outside of your budget. Before you decide, see if mini blinds are right for you.

  • What to Look for in a Window Treatment Company

    You can do your research and identify what you think are the perfect window coverings for your apartment building , but it’s better to get advice from the professionals. You should get your commercial shutters in Milpitas or San Jose from a company that demonstrates skill and experience in the industry. The team should show up on time and let you know exactly how the process will work, as well as answer any questions you have about your window shutters or drapes. They should also give you a free estimate, so you know what to expect. Here’s a closer look at what to look for in a window treatment company.

    blinds in office

    Skill and Experience

    When you hire a professional service in any industry, the team should be prepared for the job. It’s your job, however, to do your due diligence and find a company that can get the job done right. Look for a business that has been around for a while. The older a company is, the more experience the team has to work with. Established companies can provide examples of work they’ve done in the past, and they can also issue references, so that you can talk to people they’ve worked with before.

    Punctuality and Communication

    The commercial shutters, shades, and drapes that you choose will be yours to maintain, but you should have the experts on your side while you’re making your decision. Only hire a window treatment company that you feel will show up on time and communicate with you in a healthy and productive way. Your professionals should never get frustrated with your questions and requests, and they should strive to help you make the best choice for your needs. If you’re checking out a window treatment company and the team doesn’t seem cooperative, move on to the next one.

    Free Estimates

    You should always know exactly what you’re paying for, and you should know how much you’ll spend in advance. Upstanding window treatment companies will offer free estimates, so don’t be afraid to get estimates from multiple companies.

  • How Your New ShutterSMART Shutters Will Be Installed

    When you’re looking for window coverings near Milpitas or San Jose, you should take installation into account. Not all window shutters are easy to put up, and the way you install your window treatments can make all the difference. Watch this video on how your new ShutterSMART shutters will be installed.

    Start by put the leg inside the frame and setting a ¾-inch screw in the pre-drilled hole. Once both legs are in the frame, drill additional holes four inches below the angle on either side at the top, and two more that are four inches above the angles on the bottom. Then add two more on either side at the halfway mark. Set your shutters in the window opening and drill the screws in. Match up the hinges of the panel and the frame and drop the pins in, and then double check to ensure your panel is square in the opening.

  • Showing an Apartment Rental? Don’t Forget to Clean the Shades

    Showing an Apartment Rental? Don’t Forget to Clean the Shades

    You can’t expect to rent out an apartment that looks dirty and unkempt, which is why staging is so important. Nice, clean horizontal shades near Milpitas or San Jose can attract tenants, but dirty, stained commercial window coverings for apartments will have the opposite effect. That’s why you can’t forget about your shades when you clean up your apartment. You don’t want to ruin your shades while you attempt to clean them, so make sure you’re taking the proper steps and following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re showing an apartment rental, continue reading and learn how to clean the shades.

    Shade Cleaning Services in San Jose You don’t have to go too crazy if your shades are in decent shape, so look at your window treatments and see how much buildup there is to get rid of. If you can take care of pollen and light debris with a quick dusting, but more stubborn stains require more extensive cleaning. Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t damage your shades. Use the lightest, least abrasive materials you can, like a feather duster and a vacuum with a soft brush. If you need to wash your shades, only use mild soap and warm water.

  • Your Options for Minimizing Heat Transfer Through Windows

    Landlords who decide to upgrade the commercial window treatments for their apartments have plenty of options to choose from. Many window coverings available in Milpitas, San Jose are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally smart. If you include utilities in the monthly rent, energy efficiency is likely a top priority. But even if utilities aren’t included, you may find that energy-efficient apartment rentals attract better tenants. plantation - shutters


    Shades are a particularly popular type of commercial window treatment for apartment rentals because they add elegance to a room, they’re easy to care for, and they minimize heat transfer. Solar, cellular, and roller shades are available in a variety of color choices, although you may wish to choose a neutral color that is sure to please any tenant. Cellular shades are made in a honeycomb fashion. They feature pockets of air that improve the insulating effect. For best results, have the shades mounted close to the glass, and choose a size large enough to extend as close as possible to the sides of the window frames. Consider selecting a reversible shade with a reflective side and a heat-absorbing side. The reflective side should face the exterior during the summer to direct heat away from the apartment.


    Interior shutters, often known as plantation shutters, are among the most upscale residential window coverings you can choose. They instantly boost the value of the property, and they improve energy efficiency. Plantation shutters fit snugly into the window frame. This allows them to minimize heat transfer, and form an insulating barrier between the apartment and the outdoors. Wood and vinyl shutters are both energy-efficient, although wood resists the conductivity of heat better.

    Drapes and Blinds

    Drapes tend to pair well with aluminum or faux wood blinds. Blinds by themselves can minimize heat transfer slightly, although they aren’t nearly as energy-efficient as honeycomb shades. When paired with heavy drapes, this option is far more effective. Drapes with white backings should be drawn during the summer months to reflect the sun’s rays away from the rental unit. During the chillier months, the drapes can be drawn overnight to minimize heat loss from the apartment.

  • How to Reduce Screen Glare in Your Commercial Building

    Computer eyestrain can be a major concern for commercial building owners. Many people make the mistake of assuming that more light is better, and so they keep the drapes open and the mini blinds up. While natural sunlight is important, it’s also a source of glare. Instead, consider visiting a window coverings company near Milpitas, San Jose that offers solar shades. Solar shades will let in some light , while simultaneously eliminating the harsh glare.

    Other tips to follow are outlined in this featured video. It discusses the benefits of using an anti-glare screen on an LCD monitor. Computer glasses can also be helpful. In addition to reducing glare, optometrists recommend looking away from the screen every 20 minutes to let your eyes focus on a distant object for about 20 seconds.

  • Questions Tenants Ask About Child Safety and Window Treatments

    As a landlord, the safety of your tenants is a top priority. Some landlords must give themselves a crash course on child safety, especially if they’ve never taken care of young children themselves. And while tenants are certainly responsible for many childproofing tasks, such as putting safety plugs into outlets, landlords must keep child safety in mind when selecting commercial vertical blinds for their apartments in Milpitas, San Jose. Residential window coverings are available with child safety features. window - treatments

    Are all of the window treatments cordless?

    One major selling point for tenants with young kids is a rental unit with cordless window coverings. Consider installing elegant vertical window blinds that feature cordless operation. If you do purchase horizontal or vertical blinds with cords, look for newer options that feature breakaway cords. Remember to caution your new tenants that the cords will break if stressed.

    Can you use a retrofit kit or replace the blinds?

    Tenants with young children usually prefer cordless commercial blinds in their apartments. Some prospective tenants might ask if you’re willing to replace the current, older blinds, or if you’ll allow them to modify the window treatments themselves. Alternatively, consider whether you would purchase retrofitting kits for your property manager to use on the blinds. These keep cords safely out of reach of children.

    Are the blind casings and curtain rod installed safely?

    Unfortunately, cords aren’t the only potentially deadly hazard found in window coverings. Savvy parents may ask you about the curtain rods and blind casings. It’s essential to choose the right size of curtain rod for each window. If you have to extend the curtain rod out too far, it becomes weaker and less able to hold up the weight of the curtain. All it takes is one firm tug from a toddler’s hand to send it toppling downward. You should also make sure the blind casings are properly installed to prevent a collapse.

    Are plantation shutters safe for young kids?

    Yes, plantation shutters keep potentially dangerous cords out of young hands. They also add an upscale feel to any rental unit, making them a great choice for landlords who are considering property improvements.

  • Choosing a Slat Size

    There are a few factors you should consider when selecting commercial blinds for apartments in Milpitas, San Jose, including the slat size. Typically, residential window coverings feature one-inch or two-inch slat sizes, although some faux wood blinds are available in 2.5-inch slats. It might appear that there isn’t a significant variation in slat sizes, but once you have your blinds installed, you’ll notice that this detail can make a major difference.

    For large rooms—such as the living room of a unit or the common area of the building—you should usually choose larger slat sizes. Bathroom windows generally have blinds with smaller slat sizes. Consider the size of the window, too. Commercial blinds for apartments that have narrow windowsills and window frames will look well-balanced with a smaller slat. Larger windows and frames look well-proportioned with large blind slats. If you have a very large, panoramic window, consider installing faux wood blinds with 2.5-inch slats to make a dramatic impression on your prospective tenants.

    window - slats

  • Selecting a ShutterSMART Collection

    If you are seeking a gorgeous alternative to traditional residential window coverings, new window shutters may offer exactly what you’re looking for. Plantation shutters can serve as beautiful window coverings for apartments and single-family homes. As you are shopping for residential window coverings and plantation shutters in San Jose , you may come across the ShutterSMART collection of products. To help you navigate all of the options that are available at your window treatment showroom, here is a tour of the highlights of the ShutterSMART collection. wood - shutters

    PolyClad Wood Shutters

    PolyClad Wood Shutters from ShutterSMART combine the durability of natural hardwood with the easy maintenance that is offered by poly surfacing. Each PolyClad Wood Shutter is built with a solid, hardwood center, which is then surfaced with poly materials. When you install these shutters throughout your home, you are sure to be impressed with how easy they are to clean and maintain. PolyClad Wood Shutters can also make a huge difference in the overall energy efficiency of your property.

    Woodland Wood Composite Shutters

    For those homeowners who are seeking green materials for their new shutters, Woodland Wood Composite Shutters are a great option. These shutters are crafted from natural wood materials, which do not contain paint or other chemicals that may contaminate your indoor air. If your goal is to create a home that is completely free of VOCs, you will find that Woodland Wood Composite Shutters are fabulous additions to your residence.

    MiraMonte HardWood Shutters

    In certain instances, only natural hardwood will suffice for your window treatments. When you are shopping for new shutters that are constructed entirely from natural hardwoods, consider MiraMonte HardWood Shutters. ShutterSMART crafts these all-wood shutters using traditional methods and materials. Once the hardwood shutters have been cut and dried, they will be finished with a durable primer that resists sunlight, moisture, and other forms of damage. If you have arched or round windows in your home, your MiraMonte HardWood Shutters can be built to fit the unique specifications of your window frames.

  • Let Your Tenants Know How to Avoid Chain Breakage

    Roller shades are popular window coverings for apartment units, because of their durability and ease of use. After you have installed your new commercial window coverings for your apartments serving San Jose, you will need to ensure that your tenants know how to properly use their blinds or shades. With a few simple steps, you can make sure that your occupants are able to protect your commercial roller shades from chain breakage and other issues.

    To avoid chain breakage, it is important that your occupants take special care when they open and close their residential window coverings. When the tenant is opening or closing the roller shades, he or she must always use two hands. Pulling the chain with only one hand can cause the chain to snap. As the shade is being drawn, your tenant will also need to hold on to the chain while it is in motion. Letting go of the chain can cause it to snag and break.

    shade - types