• Choosing the Right Shades for Your Windows

    Solar Screen Shades in San Jose

    S hades make a big difference to a room. They control the amount of light that enters and provide privacy. Solar screen roller shades are a great choice for your commercial property or urban development. Consider the following benefits of choosing these window treatments .

    Solar screen shades give you maximum light control. You can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters without blocking it out completely. Because these shades block out sunlight, they reduce furniture fading while blocking harmful UV rays and reducing glare on computer screens. They also help keep interiors cool and comfortable. Since shades don’t completely obscure the window, like some window treatments, your customers and tenants can enjoy great views while receiving the benefit of reduced sunlight. Solar screen roller shades are also easy to operate and are very durable. These shades come in a variety of sizes to meet all of your window treatment needs.

  • Exploring Some Popular Window Treatment Trends

    Window Treatment Trends in San Jose Choosing window treatments for your properties can be a challenge. You need something durable for apartment complexes and multifamily housing units to stand up to years of wear-and-tear. At the same time, sacrificing style can cost you on the rental market and leave your properties looking dated. The good news for landlords and property managers is that there are ways to stay on-trend with window treatments while staying in line with your budget. When you select window treatments for your properties, keep these trendy choices in mind so you can combine form and function.


    Going green is one of the biggest trends in home décor across the board, and window treatments are no exception. You can boost the green credentials of your multifamily housing units with window treatments in two ways. First, select an eco-friendly material for the treatments. Aluminum is a great choice that is both environmentally sound and affordable for rental units. Next, ensure that the window treatments you use provide insulation. Window treatments that provide insulation help control energy consumption. That translates into reduced power bills for your tenants and less wear-and-tear on the HVAC units for you.


    Who says window treatments have to be neutral? Colored window treatments can add instant style to a room. Choose colored curtains or drapes, or paint blinds to add an easy pop of color. Soft colors give a room a tranquil feel, while bright colors can up the energy level. Use color accordingly throughout the property, such as soft blue window treatments for the bedroom and fiery red curtains for the kitchen.

    Pleated Drapes

    Pleated drapes never go out of style. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to maintain. Because pleated drapes cover the entire length of a window, they also add insulation. Drapes can be closed for complete privacy and pulled open to allow full sunlight, offering maximum flexibility.

  • Selecting Window Treatments for a Bay Window

    Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any space, but they can also be more difficult to dress up in terms of window treatments. Before selecting a window treatment, determine whether you want to decorate the window as a whole or treat each panel separately. Valences, curtains, and drapes are great for highlighting the exterior of a bay window. Soft or hard window blinds and shades offer privacy and add additional style to each window within the larger bay. Check out this video for additional tips you can use to select the right window treatments for your bay windows.

    Your choice of window coverings will ultimately influence the style and comfort of your San Jose commercial or rental property. Custom-designed window blinds , roman shades, curtains, or vertical blinds offer both durability and one-of-a-kind aesthetics you’re sure to love.