• Your Choices for Horizontal Blinds

    If you are searching for durable, economical horizontal shades near San Jose, we have a range of options that are perfect for residential and commercial window covering needs! Here at Builder’s Drapery Service, we manufacture our own blinds, which enables us to exercise strict quality control over our products. We produce blinds which are both stylish and hardwearing, making them excellent for both residential and commercial window coverings.

    Our blinds are available in a very wide spectrum of different shades. This enables us to tailor the blinds to suit our individual customer’s needs. Choose a color which will match or complement your furnishings, paintwork, and design scheme.

    We offer two kinds of blinds: aluminum and faux wood, or PVC. Our aluminum blinds have a minimalist modern appearance. The material is tough, light, and flexible. They close snugly, to enable you to block light efficiently as needed. Our PVC blinds are easy to clean and extremely durable. You can select a color and style to fit your home or suit your company’s needs. Horizontal blinds

  • Cleaning Hanging Horizontal Blinds

    It can be challenging to clean horizontal commercial blinds while they are still installed. This video will show you a simple method for cleaning your window coverings near Milpitas. You will need only four items: some dishwashing soap, a bucket, cloths, and a household vacuum cleaner. Watch this video to find out more about the most effective way to clean your commercial blinds.

    The video instructs viewers to first fill a bucket with warm, soapy water. It goes on to recommend making sure that the blinds are lowered and the slats are closed. The video demonstrates how to use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove dust from both sides of the slats. The presenter then shows how to use a soapy cloth to wash the slats and a clean, wet cloth to rinse away the soapsuds left on your window coverings.

  • The Best Window Treatments for Your Commercial Space

    When selecting window treatments for your shop or business premises, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Commercial properties can often have a high occupancy volume, which means your blinds or shutters will need to be robust and hardwearing. Economic considerations may also be important when selecting commercial window coverings in San Jose. The right window treatment can provide shade and insulation, saving you money on heating and cooling costs. In addition, the commercial window treatment you use can help to create a specific look. Attractive décor, including window treatments, can improve staff morale, increase productivity, attract customers, and project a professional image. Window treatment

    Commercial Shutters

    Both economical and stylish, shutters can be an excellent option for your commercial space. They come in a range of different materials that allow business owners to find the right option for any décor or style. ShutterSMART shutters are made from local wood and coated with a layer of resilient poly resin. These commercial window treatments are a good choice if you would like the appearance of real wood, with added durability. AllView shutters are made from a combination of wood and other materials. Since they are unpainted, they are easy to keep clean and in good condition. They also have the advantage of being light, unlike many other window treatments. Traditional wooden shutters are also a popular choice. These beautiful shutters provide a classic look. They can be painted in a range of colors to complement the décor of your business space.


    Drapes can make a strong statement and provide a decorative focal point. They come in a wide range of materials. Heavier drapes can appear more luxurious, while lighter fabrics can help to make a room feel spacious. Drapes can effectively block sunlight and provide privacy. Choose between many different colors and patterns to fit your chosen interior décor scheme. You can install automated drapes for added ease and convenience. Draperies are a popular choice for conference rooms, where they add a striking design feature and can efficiently block out light for PowerPoint and video presentations.

  • The Advantages of Vertical Blinds

    When looking for new commercial window treatments, homeowners around the country often turn to vertical blinds. These window treatments have become popular in many parts of the country, largely because they are easy to keep clean. Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds have no level surfaces which can trap dust. Many homeowners find this aspect appealing because it means spending less time and money on cleaning responsibilities. If you are looking for custom designed window treatments in Milpitas , vertical blinds are an option you should consider. Their advantages go far beyond ease of maintenance, as you can see in this list. Vertical blinds

    Stylish and Versatile

    Vertical blinds are eye-catching and they provide a touch of modern flair to your décor. They come in a wide range of colors and materials. These include fabric, vinyl, a combination of fabric and vinyl, and aluminum. Vinyl and aluminum blinds can be striking and are easy to keep clean. Vinyl is also particularly effective at blocking out light. However, fabric blinds are more versatile. They are available in a huge selection of different colors and patterns. Choose a color or design that matches or complements your home.


    Window drapes can be expensive both to purchase and keep in good condition, especially when you factor cleaning costs into the equation. Vertical blinds typically cost less than drapes, making them a more appealing choice to many homeowners. With careful use, vertical blinds can last for up to a decade.


    Vertical blinds are ideal for sliding doors, such as glass doors opening out onto patios. They are fitted with an overhead handrail, which helps them to open and close smoothly and easily. When selecting your vertical blinds, make sure you choose an appropriate handrail for maximum efficiency.

    If you are looking for an original, practical, and attractive window covering option for your home or business, consider having vertical blinds fitted. Easy to use and easy to clean, vertical blinds can increase the appeal of your home or commercial space, making them excellent options for both residential and commercial window treatments.

  • Choosing Window Treatments for Shared Spaces

    If you’re looking for commercial window coverings in Milpitas or San Jose, you may need to consider how those window coverings will look in communal areas. Shared spaces have special needs, and that’s why it’s important to keep a few things in mind when choosing commercial window treatments for apartments .

    First, consider which direction the windows in the shared spaces of your facility face. This will determine how much sunlight they get throughout the day and how often your tenets may wish to adjust them. This will help you determine how durable the commercial window coverings for your apartments need to be. For example, plantation shutters are a great option for common spaces that are frequently used because they have exceptional durability and are easy to adjust.

    You may also want to think about the interior design of your shared space. If design is a major concern, commercial roller shades may be a good choice. These window treatments have an elegant look that blends seamlessly into your décor, especially if you choose a shade fabric that coordinates well with your current design scheme.

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