• Reasons to Choose Roller Shades

    Are you struggling to find the right commercial window treatments for apartments? Roller shades offer a versatile, timeless, and elegant option for building owners who are looking for the ideal commercial window coverings for apartments near San Jose.


    Furniture Protection

    While natural light can make a room appear bigger and brighter, too much sun can be damaging for your furniture and carpeting. Limiting and controlling the amount of light a room receives is essential for commercial window coverings for apartments and offices. Roller shades can be modified with solar screens to allow as much or as little light blockage as you would like while still providing privacy. Typical screening options include 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10% light blocking levels. These window treatments can protect your upholstery and decor from the bleaching effects of UV rays.

    Climate Control

    When sunlight streams in through your building’s windows, this can significantly heat its interior and reduce your overall energy-efficiency. Strategically placing roller shades throughout the building, however, can drastically reduce heat gain in the summer, as well as help to limit heat loss in the winter. Also, being able to manage how much light a room receives provides tenants and employees with additional climate control abilities. Roller shades excellently block sunlight and can help your building remain cool.

    Accommodating Convenience

    Roller shades offer exceptional ease of use. To cover your windows, simply pull the shade down using its heavy-duty clutch system. Rolling them up again is as easy as pulling on the clutch system, much like raising a flag. The simple and durable nature of roller shades allows for minimal maintenance, making them an ideal selection for rental spaces. Their highly-functional construction provides easy light control for residents or employees. Additionally, roller shades are sleek, elegant, and simple in appearance. Whether you need window coverings for a business office or your apartment building, roller shades can fit in well with any color and decorating scheme.

  • Spotlight of ShutterSmart

    Shutters are considered by many to be the ideal choice for residential window coverings and commercial window treatments for apartments . Shutters offer privacy and insulation while providing functionality and elegance. If you’re looking for window shutters serving Milpitas, the ShutterSmart brand boasts a broad selection of shutter styles that each deliver timeless beauty, are easy to clean, and provide superior light control.

    ShutterSmart offers a green solution for homeowners and business owners who are looking for window treatments. Unlike traditional wood and medium density fiberboard shutters, ShutterSmart products are environmentally friendly. Additionally, they are made without paint, formaldehyde, or volatile organic compounds. ShutterSmart shutters are recyclable and provide superior insulation for your building, making them energy-efficient as well.

    As the industry leader in shutter manufacturing, ShutterSmart has been building custom-made window coverings in the United States for over 25 years. Their award-winning polyclad hardwood shutters have cemented their reputation of quality service and products. Offering competitive pricing and quick manufacturing for your custom shutters, ShutterSmart is a smart solution for your window treatment needs.


  • What Materials Should You Choose for Mini Blinds?

    If you have been considering mini blinds near Milpitas and San Jose , then continue reading for a quick guide to the main mini blind materials you will see. All three materials—PVC, aluminum, and faux wood—are great choices for your commercial window treatments for apartments. They should last a long time for the enjoyment of your renters, as well as provide sufficient sun and heat blockage. mini - blinds


    PVC blinds are the strongest of the three different mini blind options. They are considered heavy duty blinds that will not bend or warp as time goes on. They come in several different colors, styles, and finishes, and they require very little maintenance. They should only need some occasional dusting; other materials often require professional cleanings. PVC commercial mini blinds for apartments are the perfect choice when you want something to hold up through various renters and lifestyles.


    A close second in mini blind material would be aluminum. Just as versatile in color and design as PVC blinds, aluminum also offers close to the same durability. Aluminum is a great material to block light coming into or out of the apartment. You also have the ability to request it in one or two inch slats. Slat size makes a difference depending on the size of the windows you are covering. They also control how much light and viewing space you wish to allow through.

    Faux Wood

    Faux wood tends to be more expensive than either PVC or aluminum, but this mini blind material can offer a look very difficult to replicate. Faux wooden mini blinds can come in various colors, shades, and finishes, while still offering a warm and inviting look to your apartments. They are very durable and will stand the test of time, as long as they are maintained. Faux wooden mini blinds may need to be specially cleaned and dusted regularly to keep them strong and looking beautiful.

  • Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

    Commercial window treatments for apartments might be a little tricky if you have French doors in your apartments. You need to consider how the doors will open and close and how that will affect your window coverings near Milpitas and San Jose .

    Thankfully, French doors and commercial window treatments for apartments are not impossible to figure out. As you can see in the video, you need to consider where you are installing your window coverings. They can either go on the door itself or around the two doors. If you place them on the individual doors, you would most likely install horizontal shades or mini blinds. If you decide to hang the coverings around the doors, then you will probably choose a curtain of some kind.