• Beyond Aesthetics: Faux Wood Shutters

    There are several aesthetically-pleasing commercial window coverings for apartments, such as window curtains and faux wood blinds near Milpitas and San Jose. However, aesthetics should not be the only concern for an apartment owner. Faux wood window shutters offer a thick layer of protection against the damaging effects of the sun and help to deter invaders and thieves from entering an apartment unit or common area. faux - wood - shutters

    Protect Interior Furnishings

    Faux wood shutters are one of the best solutions to keep interior furnishings, decorations, and paint protected against the harmful damages of ultraviolet rays. As the sun beats down into a room, not only will the sun’s heat make the space uncomfortable, but the UV rays can severely damage and fade the interior furnishings. Whether the faux wood blinds or shutters are installed in an apartment unit or in a common area, these commercial window coverings will keep any type of furniture, flooring, and other possessions protected from fading and other damages brought on by the sun.

    Keep the Space Cool

    Keeping an apartment unit or common area cool and comfortable is essential to keeping tenants happy. Keeping energy bills low is necessary for your tenants and your own business to save money. Commercial window coverings for apartments create a layer of insulation over windows that help to provide these necessary benefits. Faux wood shutters are a thick and efficient layer to cover the windows of apartment units and common areas.

    Guard Against Burglars

    Window coverings are also used to deter unfriendly eyes that might look into a building or room. Though many commercial window coverings can guard against potential invaders, faux wood shutters are one of the best options. Faux wood shutters come in thick slats that cover each other when closed. The faux wood material is very difficult to penetrate with any sort of sharp or blunt object, and the naked eye cannot see shadows or shapes through the slats. Tenants and apartment building owners will feel much more secure with thick wooden shutters covering the windows.

  • How Window Treatments Can Benefit Your Business

    Commercial window treatments for apartments are necessary to attract tenants to your apartments. With beautiful and efficient window coverings near Milpitas and San Jose, your tenants are likelier to experience low energy costs, more comfortable housing, and a stronger sense of security. All of these reasons and more make window covering installations an aesthetic necessity, as well as a practical one for your apartment buildings. window - treatments

    Insulate the Interior

    Part of what attracts tenants to your apartment building are units that are beautiful and comfortable. Commercial window treatments for apartments need to create an efficient layer of insulation to block against the sun’s heat in the summer, while keeping heat inside during the winter. Thick commercial window coverings, such as cellular shades and faux wood blinds, have exceptional insulating properties that will keep your units and common areas comfortable for your tenants and employees.

    Lower Energy Costs

    In addition to insulating properties, efficient window coverings will help lower energy costs for your business and your tenants. With the added layer of insulation, the heater and air conditioner units will not need to work as hard to heat or cool the space. This will result in noticeably lower energy costs.

    Set a Good Impression

    Another part of attracting tenants to rent with your business is by setting a great first impression. Commercial window treatments for apartments are essential to creating an aesthetically-pleasing first impression. If windows are left uncovered or have insufficient window coverings, then potential tenants may think twice about renting with your business.

    Create Efficient Privacy

    Tenants also want to know that your apartment buildings are safe and secure against burglars or potential accidents. Just as they need to see smoke detectors to guard against fires, they need to see thick window coverings protecting the interior units from people looking in. Tenants can feel secure knowing that the window treatments you have provided will keep their families and possessions safe from potential invaders looking into their apartment unit.

  • Essential Information on Window Treatments

    There are many different commercial window treatments for apartments, and they all have their advantages. With window curtains and commercial window shades in Milpitas and San Jose, apartment buildings will be able to reduce energy costs by at least 30%. Continue reading for some essential information about commercial window treatments for apartments and common areas.

    As seen in the video, window coverings come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and colors, and they all have different capabilities to keep an apartment aesthetically-pleasing and very comfortable. Cellular shades create an exceptional layer of insulation to keep the sun’s heat out of an apartment. Faux wood blinds and shutters can be installed inside or outside to also create a layer of protection from the sun’s heat. These two window coverings, and many more, are all efficient ways to lower energy costs, create a more comfortable living experience, and beautify apartment units.

  • Why a Fitness Room Should Have Window Treatments

    Are you designing a fitness room and wonder if it really needs window treatments? If so, then read on to learn about the benefits you can gain by adding window coverings near Milpitas or San Jose to your fitness room. fitness - room

    To Offer People Privacy

    Commercial window coverings for apartment buildings are essential for providing residents with privacy while indoors, and their fitness rooms should enjoy the same level of privacy. Adding window treatments to your fitness room can help people feel more comfortable while using the equipment, making the room more welcoming and comfortable.

    To Provide Light Control

    After privacy, one of the most notable benefits of window coverings is that they allow for easy light control. Natural light should be considered essential for your fitness room, but you also want to provide a way to reduce or direct the light as needed. Additionally, limiting the amount of sunlight that enters the room can help you protect your equipment and furnishings from damage caused by UV rays. Shades, curtains, shutters, and blinds all offer you a way to control the amount of light coming into the space.

    To Save on Energy Costs

    When selecting your commercial window treatments for apartments, it’s essential to aim for options that help increase the building’s energy-efficiency. By doing so, you are likely to reduce your overall energy costs, as these window coverings can block heat from the sun in the summer and help retain heat indoors during the winter. This can be particularly important for a fitness room, a space that warms up quickly when in use.

    To Add Style to the Room

    While the function of your fitness room’s window treatments is important, so is their appearance. The way that you style your windows can have a significant impact on the overall look of the room by taking it from simple and dull to modern and chic. By choosing shades, blinds, curtains, or shutters that fit well with the room’s décor and make it appear more stylish and elegant, you can improve the overall image of your apartment building.