• How Solar Screen Roller Shades Can Protect Furnishings

    One of the reasons commercial window coverings for apartments are needed is to reduce the amount of harmful sunlight that enters a room. However, there are certain window coverings that do a better job than others, while still creating an attractive covering for apartment tenants. Solar screen commercial window shades in Milpitas and San Jose can provide the necessary amount of sun protection, and they make attractive window coverings wherever they are installed. Let’s take a closer look at how commercial window roller shades can protect furnishings.

    When the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays enter a room, the resulting damage is often in the form of faded furnishings, paint, and flooring. It is crucial to reduce this fading, because it can severely affect the life and appearance of interior décor and furniture. Commercial window coverings for apartments, such as roller shades, are the perfect choice for light control and furniture protection. Roller shades often come in a sheer or light-colored fabric that blocks the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, yet allows in soft, filtered light. To keep apartment furnishings protected, roller shades can be the best and most attractive window covering option.

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  • Welcome to the World of ShutterSMART

    Window shutters in Milpitas and San Jose are a smart and beautiful commercial window covering for apartments. One of the premier leaders in shutter-making and innovative designs is ShutterSMART, a California manufacturer of hardwood and polyclad hardwood window shutters . Watch the video for a better look at the world of ShutterSMART.

    ShutterSMART began making custom designed window treatments in pure hardwood. These came in a number of wood stains and paints to match any décor. Soon, ShutterSMART turned to manufacturing maintenance-free, polyclad hardwood shutters. These commercial window coverings for apartments are scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, and completely hand built. With the help of qualified installers, ShutterSMART makes custom coverings and has them installed within 2 weeks. These custom window shutters are attractive, durable, and will stand the test of time in any location.

  • Apartment Building Areas That Could Benefit from Vertical Blinds

    Commercial vertical blinds for apartments are important to allow the maximum amount of light control and offer a strong commercial window covering in Milpitas and San Jose. Certain areas in an apartment building can benefit most from vertical blinds, such as meeting rooms and apartment living rooms. These areas typically have large windows and sliding glass doors, which both require vertical blinds over horizontal options. Read on for more information about these apartment building areas. vertical - blinds

    Meeting Rooms

    Vertical blinds provide an exceptional way for tenants and apartment building owners to have the maximum amount of control possible over light. In an apartment building, there are often spaces where tenants and apartment management must come together in a secluded room. This meeting room may need to be kept private, or it can allow in a pleasant amount of light and view of the outside. Vertical blinds allow for various ways to allow in sunlight and a view. Whether those in the meeting room would like little to no light or they wish for a wide, open view, they will have it with commercial vertical blinds for apartments.

    Living Rooms

    Living rooms and master rooms typically have sliding glass doors to the outside balconies or small yards. These are common areas to install vertical blinds, usually made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, slats. Commercial vertical blinds for apartments can also be installed over large, wide windows, sometimes known as bay windows. Both sliding glass doors and bay windows are usually too wide to support horizontal blinds, which makes it necessary to use vertical blinds that will not be weighed down by gravity.

    Community Rooms

    Community rooms, like fitness centers and game rooms, are the perfect areas to install vertical blinds. Many of these rooms utilize large windows to allow natural light in. However, these large windows cannot support horizontal blinds without causing future warping problems and repair costs. By installing vertical blinds, though, these windows can still allow in as much natural light as possible and provide the maximum amount of light blocking when needed.

  • Could Cellular Blinds Benefit Your Business?

    Cellular shades are one of the best commercial window treatments on the market. If you have been looking for a commercial window treatment for apartments or another type of business, then ask your window treatment company about the possibility of cellular shades near Milpitas and San Jose . Let’s look at the benefits your business can receive with cellular shades.

    Commercial window treatments for apartments and businesses are essential to create a welcoming atmosphere that will also lower your energy bill. One of the most energy efficient window treatment options are cellular shades. These shades are manufactured in a unique design that creates hundreds of small cells within the window treatment. These unique properties create an effective barrier that prevents hot air from entering a home or blocks cold air from leaving a home. With this added layer of insulation, your business will experience lower energy use and less solar heat gain during the summer. In addition to energy savings, your employees can enjoy natural light without harsh glares from the sun. Cellular shade materials can also come in sheer fabrics that block the sun’s solar heat without blocking the light.

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