• Signs It’s Time to Replace the Blinds in Your Multi-Unit Building

    Routine property maintenance is essential for any multi-unit building. If the residential window coverings in your building are starting to look damaged, worn, or shabby, it may be time to consider purchasing brand new aluminum window blinds. A company that sells commercial blinds for apartments in Milpitas can provide you with durable aluminum blinds that will offer excellent performance and longevity. Let’s take a closer look at three signs that it’s time to replace the blinds in your multi-unit building. discolored - blinds

    Damaged Slats

    For a set of blinds to function correctly, the slats must all be perfectly straight and even. Over time, the slats in your apartment buildings’ windows may become warped or bent with repeated use and general wear and tear. When you start to notice that many of your units contain blinds that have signs of damaged slats, it may be time to consider a multi-unit replacement service.

    Difficult Operation

    When a new tenant moves into one of your units, he or she will typically test out the performance of all the blinds that are located throughout the space. If one or more sets of blinds is difficult to operate, the tenant may request to have his or her window treatments replaced. When you start to notice that your blinds are very difficult to raise or lower, this could be a sign that it is time for a replacement. Your window treatment company can provide you with new blinds that are easy to operate.

    Discolored Surfaces

    Window treatments have a major impact on the overall style and appeal of an apartment building. If your aluminum blinds are starting to show signs of yellowing or discoloration, this could indicate that your building is ready for a full window treatment replacement. As you are working with your window treatment installers, you can choose new blinds that have been engineered to resist discoloration and sun damage over time.

  • Mastering the Move Out Inspection

    After a tenant moves out of one of your units, you will need to complete a comprehensive move out inspection. In this video from Rent Like A Pro, you will receive some essential tips and information that you can use during the inspection process. Following a process or checklist will help you to make sure that you do not overlook potential damages or charges. A company that offers commercial window coverings for apartments serving Milpitas can help you repair any damage that may have occurred to the window treatments in the unit.

    If you are in the market for new commercial blinds for your apartments, be sure to work with a company that specializes in residential window coverings. With brand new window shutters or other durable materials, you can ensure that your unit is in great shape for the next tenant.

  • Our Customization Options for Faux Wood Mini Blinds

    Whether you’re choosing commercial blinds for apartments or offices, faux wood mini blinds can be an ideal option. Faux wood mini blinds offer a combination of style and durability, and they can be customized in a number of different ways. If you are considering faux wood blinds in San Jose for your office or apartments, here is a look at some of the commercialization options you have.

    Faux wood blinds come in a number of different colors and finishes, so you can create a look that complements your commercial space. They can be cut to fit any size window, and can be designed with two or two-and-a-half inch slats, for a contemporary design. Although faux wood blinds look more expensive than some other commercial window coverings for apartments and offices, they can be affordable. They are also extremely durable, so they can hold up to the demands of a commercial space while giving a warmer look than other mini blind choices.

    wood - blinds

  • Are You Operating Your Roller Shades Incorrectly?

    Commercial roller shades offer flexibility and make it extremely easy to control the amount of sunlight entering the room. They are ideal for apartments, offices, and other commercial spaces, especially for windows that are sun-facing. Although commercial roller shades are generally easy to use, operating them incorrectly could cause them to become damaged or shorten their life span. If you decide to install roller shades in San Jose in your rental units or at your business, follow these operating tips to prevent damage. roller - shades

    Lowering and Raising Roller Shades

    To lower a roller shade, use the chain on the back side, closest to the window. Pull the chain until the shade is your desired height. Make sure the bead of the chain clicks into the bracket before you release it, so that the shade stays in place. To raise the shade, use the chain on the front of the shade and pull it until the shade reaches the height you want. Again, it is important to make sure the chain bead clicks into place before releasing the chain.

    Reducing the Risk of Chain Breakage

    To reduce the chance of damaging the chain on your roller shades, use two hands any time you operate the chain. Avoid pulling the chain at an angle and instead pull it straight down. Don’t tug the chain and let go, which can cause the shade to fall and may damage or break the chain. Instead, hold the chain securely with two hands until the shade is at your desired height and the bead has clicked into place.

    Using a Chain Safety Clip

    All roller shades should have an installed safety clip. The clip should be placed on the wall or window mullion. The safety clip helps to ensure that the chain moves securely and smoothly, so that it is less likely to become damaged. Typically, failing to use the safety clip will void the warranty of the roller shades.