Questions Tenants Ask About Child Safety and Window Treatments

Partly Opened Window Blinds

As a landlord, the safety of your tenants is a top priority. Some landlords must give themselves a crash course on child safety, especially if they’ve never taken care of young children themselves. And while tenants are certainly responsible for many childproofing tasks, such as putting safety plugs into outlets, landlords must keep child safety in mind when selecting commercial vertical blinds for their apartments in Milpitas, San Jose. Residential window coverings are available with child safety features. window - treatments

Are all of the window treatments cordless?

One major selling point for tenants with young kids is a rental unit with cordless window coverings. Consider installing elegant vertical window blinds that feature cordless operation. If you do purchase horizontal or vertical blinds with cords, look for newer options that feature breakaway cords. Remember to caution your new tenants that the cords will break if stressed.

Can you use a retrofit kit or replace the blinds?

Tenants with young children usually prefer cordless commercial blinds in their apartments. Some prospective tenants might ask if you’re willing to replace the current, older blinds, or if you’ll allow them to modify the window treatments themselves. Alternatively, consider whether you would purchase retrofitting kits for your property manager to use on the blinds. These keep cords safely out of reach of children.

Are the blind casings and curtain rod installed safely?

Unfortunately, cords aren’t the only potentially deadly hazard found in window coverings. Savvy parents may ask you about the curtain rods and blind casings. It’s essential to choose the right size of curtain rod for each window. If you have to extend the curtain rod out too far, it becomes weaker and less able to hold up the weight of the curtain. All it takes is one firm tug from a toddler’s hand to send it toppling downward. You should also make sure the blind casings are properly installed to prevent a collapse.

Are plantation shutters safe for young kids?

Yes, plantation shutters keep potentially dangerous cords out of young hands. They also add an upscale feel to any rental unit, making them a great choice for landlords who are considering property improvements.

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