How Your New ShutterSMART Shutters Will Be Installed

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When you’re looking for window coverings near Milpitas or San Jose, you should take installation into account. Not all window shutters are easy to put up, and the way you install your window treatments can make all the difference. Watch this video on how your new ShutterSMART shutters will be installed.

Start by put the leg inside the frame and setting a ¾-inch screw in the pre-drilled hole. Once both legs are in the frame, drill additional holes four inches below the angle on either side at the top, and two more that are four inches above the angles on the bottom. Then add two more on either side at the halfway mark. Set your shutters in the window opening and drill the screws in. Match up the hinges of the panel and the frame and drop the pins in, and then double check to ensure your panel is square in the opening.

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