• Our Customization Options for Faux Wood Mini Blinds

    Whether you’re choosing commercial blinds for apartments or offices, faux wood mini blinds can be an ideal option. Faux wood mini blinds offer a combination of style and durability, and they can be customized in a number of different ways. If you are considering faux wood blinds in San Jose for your office or apartments, here is a look at some of the commercialization options you have.

    Faux wood blinds come in a number of different colors and finishes, so you can create a look that complements your commercial space. They can be cut to fit any size window, and can be designed with two or two-and-a-half inch slats, for a contemporary design. Although faux wood blinds look more expensive than some other commercial window coverings for apartments and offices, they can be affordable. They are also extremely durable, so they can hold up to the demands of a commercial space while giving a warmer look than other mini blind choices.

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  • Are You Operating Your Roller Shades Incorrectly?

    Commercial roller shades offer flexibility and make it extremely easy to control the amount of sunlight entering the room. They are ideal for apartments, offices, and other commercial spaces, especially for windows that are sun-facing. Although commercial roller shades are generally easy to use, operating them incorrectly could cause them to become damaged or shorten their life span. If you decide to install roller shades in San Jose in your rental units or at your business, follow these operating tips to prevent damage. roller - shades

    Lowering and Raising Roller Shades

    To lower a roller shade, use the chain on the back side, closest to the window. Pull the chain until the shade is your desired height. Make sure the bead of the chain clicks into the bracket before you release it, so that the shade stays in place. To raise the shade, use the chain on the front of the shade and pull it until the shade reaches the height you want. Again, it is important to make sure the chain bead clicks into place before releasing the chain.

    Reducing the Risk of Chain Breakage

    To reduce the chance of damaging the chain on your roller shades, use two hands any time you operate the chain. Avoid pulling the chain at an angle and instead pull it straight down. Don’t tug the chain and let go, which can cause the shade to fall and may damage or break the chain. Instead, hold the chain securely with two hands until the shade is at your desired height and the bead has clicked into place.

    Using a Chain Safety Clip

    All roller shades should have an installed safety clip. The clip should be placed on the wall or window mullion. The safety clip helps to ensure that the chain moves securely and smoothly, so that it is less likely to become damaged. Typically, failing to use the safety clip will void the warranty of the roller shades.

  • Aluminum Blinds 101 for Landlords

    Aluminum blinds are a popular choice with landlords because of their affordability and durability. When you’re choosing commercial blinds for your apartments in San Jose or Milpitas, keep these facts about aluminum blinds in mind as you make your selections. aluminum - blinds

    Aluminum blinds are easy to customize.

    If your apartment windows are not a standard size, then aluminum blinds can be a great choice. They are easy and affordable to customize, so they are ideal for windows of all sizes. When you need custom-sized blinds for your apartment windows, then aluminum blinds can save you both time and money to help you minimize the amount of money you need to invest in your rental unit. They are also available in a number of different slat sizes and colors, so it is easy to match them to the décor of your units. You can even get aluminum blinds with a faux wood-like appearance for a more upscale appearance at a fraction of the price.

    Aluminum blinds are the right choice for easy maintenance.

    The easier you make the items in your rental units to clean and maintain, the more likely your tenants are to care for them and keep them in good condition. Because aluminum blinds are resistant to both water and dust, they can be cleaned with very little effort by your tenants. When it is time for new tenants to move it, you can easily clean the blinds as well to make them look like new. Because the blinds are so durable, you typically use them for several years without having to replace them.

    Aluminum blinds are affordable.

    The price of aluminum blinds is what gets most landlords’ attention when they are choosing commercial blinds for apartments. Aluminum blinds are typically the most affordable option for blinds, which means you can provide tenants with window treatments without significantly cutting into the profitability of your units. If they do need to be replaced when you are preparing an apartment for a new tenant, you can do so very affordably.

  • Reasons to Choose Roller Shades for Your Commercial Building

    If you’re in need of new window coverings for your commercial building in San Jose and the greater Bay Area, roller shades offer terrific value for you. Custom-cut roller shades will completely cover each of your building’s windows. They will block out the harmful UV rays of the sun—which not only provides the occupants of the building with greater protection but also reduces the chances that your furniture, hardwood floors, and carpeting will be damaged by sunlight. Many people underestimate the long-term harm that continual exposure to sunlight can cause to their property. Roller shades can help to keep rooms cooler, and you can also use them to effectively control the amount of light that every room receives. Getting more natural light throughout the day can make any room feel warmer and more welcoming. Finally, roller shades look smart and sophisticated, and they are simple and intuitive to operate and adjust.

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  • The Advantages of AllView Poly Shutters

    Interior shutters can add structured elegance to a room, as well as privacy, light control, and better energy efficiency. These features make shutters a great option for commercial window coverings for apartments. If you’re considering your options for window shutters near Milpitas , then there are several reasons why you should consider AllView poly shutters for your building’s new window coverings.

    AllView poly shutters are made of solid poly resin and a coating of AllView’s patented WoodTex™ finish. Together, these elements create an eco-friendly product that offers the warm appearance and feel of wood. These shutters are safe, maintenance-free, moisture resistant, incredibly durable, have a contemporary look, and are made in the U.S. Also, AllView poly shutters offer the appearance of painted wood shutters but won’t suffer from mildew, chips, fading, peeling, shrinking, cracks, or warping. For these reasons, AllView poly shutters can be an ideal choice for commercial window coverings for apartments.

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  • Welcome to the World of ShutterSMART

    Window shutters in Milpitas and San Jose are a smart and beautiful commercial window covering for apartments. One of the premier leaders in shutter-making and innovative designs is ShutterSMART, a California manufacturer of hardwood and polyclad hardwood window shutters . Watch the video for a better look at the world of ShutterSMART.

    ShutterSMART began making custom designed window treatments in pure hardwood. These came in a number of wood stains and paints to match any décor. Soon, ShutterSMART turned to manufacturing maintenance-free, polyclad hardwood shutters. These commercial window coverings for apartments are scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, and completely hand built. With the help of qualified installers, ShutterSMART makes custom coverings and has them installed within 2 weeks. These custom window shutters are attractive, durable, and will stand the test of time in any location.

  • How to Go Green at Your Business

    If you have been looking for ways to help your business go green, consider the many benefits of commercial window coverings, energy efficient appliances, and involving your employees in the process. These few tips and many more can help your business save money—due to increased energy savings from your roller shades near Milpitas and San Jose —and reduce your carbon footprint.

    As you can see in the video, automated sensors can play a big role in going green. Your lights, water faucets, and even roller shades can be automated to turn on or off when motion is detected. Commercial window coverings can also reduce the sun’s heat in your business, which will reduce the cost of your air conditioner bill. There are many different ways to go green, so get started as soon as possible.

  • Choosing Blinds for an Apartment Building’s Community Room

    When you’re picking out commercial blinds for apartments in San Jose , there are a few important factors that you should consider. Commercial window treatments for an apartment building’s community room should be easy to operate, durable, cost effective, and attractive. Here are some useful tips for choosing commercial blinds for an apartment building’s community room. window - shades

    Look for cost effective and durable options.

    When you are operating on a strict budget, your biggest restriction in choosing commercial window blinds for apartments will probably be their cost. Vertical blinds with PVC slats are typically going to be your most cost effective option, and PVC slats are also extremely durable. With so many people operating the mini blinds, it’s crucial that they can withstand some wear and tear. PVC slats can be easily and cheaply replaced if one should crack or break. Mini blinds with plastic slats are also very cost effective, though slightly less durable than vertical blinds with PVC slats.

    Choose mini blinds that are universally attractive.

    You want your apartment building’s community room to look inviting, warm, and comforting. The community room has the potential to draw in and secure potential future tenants, so it should be clean and well-maintained. For that reason, look for commercial mini blinds for apartments that are in neutral colors like white or gray. You should avoid mini blinds or vertical blinds in unusual or brash colors, as those will look jarring and dated very quickly. Aluminum blinds and faux wood blinds are the perfect choice if you want to create a sophisticated, elegant aesthetic.

    Make sure commercial window coverings are safe and easy to operate.

    Because people of all ages and abilities will be using the mini blinds or vertical blinds in the community room, you should choose ones that can be operated safely and easily. Vertical blinds and mini blinds that are operated with long cords may be unsafe for young children and pets. You may want to consider installing automated mini blinds that can be opened and closed by simply pressing a button. You can also investigate custom designed window treatments that fulfill all of the needs of your commercial window coverings.

  • The Benefits of Cellular Shades

    One of the best commercial window coverings for apartments would have to be the cellular shade near Milpitas and San Jose . Not only do cellular shades come in over 100 different fabric, color, and design selections, but they offer unparalleled insulating properties to rooms of all varieties. Here is a brief look at the many benefits an apartment owner or homeowner will experience with a cellular shade installation.

    • Cellular shades have exceptional insulating capabilities. These shades are made from interlocking layers of fabric that trap warm air. Tenants will experience cooler summers and warmer winters with cellular shades.
    • They can be requested in cordless options or with breakaway cords. These options will keep children and pets safe from potential strangulation and other accidents.
    • These shades also allow better light control. They block the sun and UV rays from entering an apartment or common room, but they still provide a soft, natural light effect.
    • Like many commercial window coverings for apartments, cellular shades come in fire retardant fabrics that will better protect a space from fire damage.

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  • How Window Treatments Can Benefit Your Business

    Commercial window treatments for apartments are necessary to attract tenants to your apartments. With beautiful and efficient window coverings near Milpitas and San Jose, your tenants are likelier to experience low energy costs, more comfortable housing, and a stronger sense of security. All of these reasons and more make window covering installations an aesthetic necessity, as well as a practical one for your apartment buildings. window - treatments

    Insulate the Interior

    Part of what attracts tenants to your apartment building are units that are beautiful and comfortable. Commercial window treatments for apartments need to create an efficient layer of insulation to block against the sun’s heat in the summer, while keeping heat inside during the winter. Thick commercial window coverings, such as cellular shades and faux wood blinds, have exceptional insulating properties that will keep your units and common areas comfortable for your tenants and employees.

    Lower Energy Costs

    In addition to insulating properties, efficient window coverings will help lower energy costs for your business and your tenants. With the added layer of insulation, the heater and air conditioner units will not need to work as hard to heat or cool the space. This will result in noticeably lower energy costs.

    Set a Good Impression

    Another part of attracting tenants to rent with your business is by setting a great first impression. Commercial window treatments for apartments are essential to creating an aesthetically-pleasing first impression. If windows are left uncovered or have insufficient window coverings, then potential tenants may think twice about renting with your business.

    Create Efficient Privacy

    Tenants also want to know that your apartment buildings are safe and secure against burglars or potential accidents. Just as they need to see smoke detectors to guard against fires, they need to see thick window coverings protecting the interior units from people looking in. Tenants can feel secure knowing that the window treatments you have provided will keep their families and possessions safe from potential invaders looking into their apartment unit.