• Showing an Apartment Rental? Don’t Forget to Clean the Shades

    Showing an Apartment Rental? Don’t Forget to Clean the Shades

    You can’t expect to rent out an apartment that looks dirty and unkempt, which is why staging is so important. Nice, clean horizontal shades near Milpitas or San Jose can attract tenants, but dirty, stained commercial window coverings for apartments will have the opposite effect. That’s why you can’t forget about your shades when you clean up your apartment. You don’t want to ruin your shades while you attempt to clean them, so make sure you’re taking the proper steps and following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re showing an apartment rental, continue reading and learn how to clean the shades.

    Shade Cleaning Services in San Jose You don’t have to go too crazy if your shades are in decent shape, so look at your window treatments and see how much buildup there is to get rid of. If you can take care of pollen and light debris with a quick dusting, but more stubborn stains require more extensive cleaning. Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t damage your shades. Use the lightest, least abrasive materials you can, like a feather duster and a vacuum with a soft brush. If you need to wash your shades, only use mild soap and warm water.

  • The Landlord’s Guide to Window Treatment Options

    There are many commercial window coverings for apartments, and landlords might find they have difficulty choosing the best for each window. Each room has a different purpose, so different rooms often need separate window coverings near Milpitas and San Jose. Amenity rooms will have different window coverings from the units, and even windows within the units may have their own distinct window coverings . Here is a quick guide for the landlord considering window treatment options: Covering - Options

    Amenity Rooms

    When decorating the many different amenity rooms in an apartment building or community space, look for simple shutters. These commercial window coverings for apartments elevate the look of any room. Window shutters also allow tenants and apartment employees ease when controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the space. Install window shutters in the areas where tenants will visit often, such as the main office, gym, or clubhouse. The shutters will keep these areas cool and well-lit for anyone who enters.

    Unit Windows

    Roller shades or commercial blinds for apartments are best used to cover the windows in each unit. Roller shades often come with a cordless or retractable cord option, which makes these window treatments ideal for tenants with small children or pets. Commercial roller shades also come in a variety of colors and fabrics, which can open up different design opportunities. Blinds are another popular window covering, whether they come in aluminum, vinyl, or faux wood. Which horizontal blind design a that a landlord chooses depends on the proposed design scheme for each apartment unit.

    Unit Glass Doors

    The type of door that a unit has may determine the type of commercial window treatment is used for apartments. Sliding glass doors often utilize vertical blinds because they are cost-effective when outfitting several units. If units have French doors or a single glass door, then the landlord may utilize roller shades or commercial blinds for apartments. These types of blinds can be easily moved up and down when needed, and they will look more attractive on a narrow door.

  • The Benefits of Cellular Shades

    One of the best commercial window coverings for apartments would have to be the cellular shade near Milpitas and San Jose . Not only do cellular shades come in over 100 different fabric, color, and design selections, but they offer unparalleled insulating properties to rooms of all varieties. Here is a brief look at the many benefits an apartment owner or homeowner will experience with a cellular shade installation.

    • Cellular shades have exceptional insulating capabilities. These shades are made from interlocking layers of fabric that trap warm air. Tenants will experience cooler summers and warmer winters with cellular shades.
    • They can be requested in cordless options or with breakaway cords. These options will keep children and pets safe from potential strangulation and other accidents.
    • These shades also allow better light control. They block the sun and UV rays from entering an apartment or common room, but they still provide a soft, natural light effect.
    • Like many commercial window coverings for apartments, cellular shades come in fire retardant fabrics that will better protect a space from fire damage.

    cellular - shades

  • Reasons to Choose Roller Shades

    Are you struggling to find the right commercial window treatments for apartments? Roller shades offer a versatile, timeless, and elegant option for building owners who are looking for the ideal commercial window coverings for apartments near San Jose.


    Furniture Protection

    While natural light can make a room appear bigger and brighter, too much sun can be damaging for your furniture and carpeting. Limiting and controlling the amount of light a room receives is essential for commercial window coverings for apartments and offices. Roller shades can be modified with solar screens to allow as much or as little light blockage as you would like while still providing privacy. Typical screening options include 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10% light blocking levels. These window treatments can protect your upholstery and decor from the bleaching effects of UV rays.

    Climate Control

    When sunlight streams in through your building’s windows, this can significantly heat its interior and reduce your overall energy-efficiency. Strategically placing roller shades throughout the building, however, can drastically reduce heat gain in the summer, as well as help to limit heat loss in the winter. Also, being able to manage how much light a room receives provides tenants and employees with additional climate control abilities. Roller shades excellently block sunlight and can help your building remain cool.

    Accommodating Convenience

    Roller shades offer exceptional ease of use. To cover your windows, simply pull the shade down using its heavy-duty clutch system. Rolling them up again is as easy as pulling on the clutch system, much like raising a flag. The simple and durable nature of roller shades allows for minimal maintenance, making them an ideal selection for rental spaces. Their highly-functional construction provides easy light control for residents or employees. Additionally, roller shades are sleek, elegant, and simple in appearance. Whether you need window coverings for a business office or your apartment building, roller shades can fit in well with any color and decorating scheme.

  • Energy Efficient Window Treatment Options for Your Apartment Building

    Looking for some commercial window treatments for apartments near Milpitas or San Jose? Your choice of commercial window treatments for apartments won’t just update the aesthetic of your apartments, but can also aid in the energy efficiency of your apartment building if used correctly. Keep reading to learn more about window shutters and blinds that can slash energy bills in your apartment building.



    Commercial blinds for apartments offer excellent flexibility in the summer, as they can be adjusted with ease. This allows you to let in just enough natural light while blocking the hot sun rays. Since blinds are versatile and easy to use, it’s likely you’ll use them more often in the summer, reducing your air conditioning bills by keeping the hot sun out. Blinds come in numerous varieties, and your preference may depend upon the style of window that you are aiming to cover. You can choose from aluminum blinds, mini blinds, and faux wood blinds, among others.


    Window shades, such as commercial roller shades, are also easy and effective to use. Plus, they also look great in a variety of settings. In order to get the most energy efficiency out of shades, they should be mounted as close to the glass as possible to create a sealed air space that offers an additional layer of insulation for your apartment building. In the summer, shades should be lowered on sunlit windows to block heat from entering the building. In the winter, shades on the south-facing side of the building should be raised during the day to allow heat in and lowered at night to prevent it from escaping.


    Window shutters, including plantation shutters, can help maintain energy efficiency in your apartment building during both the summer and winter. Exterior shutters can be advantageous because they do not take up any space inside the building. However, interior shutters are also useful for keeping out heat. Additionally, shutters can be used to ventilate an area in the summer while blocking sunlight, thus cooling indoor areas without the use of excess energy.

  • A Look at Cellular Shades

    Cellular shades enhance the look of any room. They are a stylish option for residences and commercial buildings alike. If you are in the market for commercial window coverings for apartments, visit a retailer that offers cellular shades near San Jose and Milpitas to see for yourself why cellular shades have become such a popular option.

    Cellular shades can be made in over 100 different textures and colors of fabric. This truly customizable quality has made cellular shades a longtime favorite of interior designers and decorators. Cellular shades are excellent commercial window coverings for apartment building lobbies because their translucent quality creates an elegant and upscale feel by filtering sunlight. Cellular shades are also terrific for home or apartment unit interiors because they allow the entry of some sunlight without sacrificing privacy. If you are a building owner or manager, you will also be happy to know that cellular shades can be made with fire retardant fabrics that will give you peace of mind and protect your investment.

    Cellular Shades

  • Window Treatments 101

    When you are designing a commercial space, window treatments are among the most important factors that you will need to consider. By choosing the right window coverings for your space, you can enhance the productivity and appeal of your office environment. In addition, commercial shutters are designed to control sunlight, allowing you to get the best performance from your HVAC system. From window blinds to commercial shutters and more, you will have many different options when it comes to selecting window treatments for your business. Here is an overview of the basics of what you need to know about window treatments.


    Shades are a practical and efficient window treatment option for any commercial business. By choosing shades to cover your windows, you can provide your office with a sleek and streamlined look. With many different fabrics and styles to choose from, you will also be able to select shades that perfectly reflect the style of your business. If you are seeking a chic and contemporary look for your business, shades are a great choice for your needs.


    Blinds are another popular choice for commercial window treatments. With blinds, you will ensure that you have precise control over the amount of light that is being let into your commercial space. Blinds can be constructed from a variety of materials, including vinyl and wood. If you have a door or entryway that requires extra privacy, you can also choose to equip this space with vertical blinds. Commercial Window Treatments San Jose


    If you are seeking a durable and practical window treatment option that is also incredibly easy to maintain, you may want to consider installing commercial shutters. These window treatments are made from high-quality hardwood, and will provide your commercial space with undeniable visual appeal. By choosing wood shutters for your business, you can also make your space more attractive to potential customers. Your window treatment specialist can help you make the right choice for your space.

  • Tips for Fixing Window Shades in Your Apartment Complex

    Tips for Fixing Window Shades in Your Apartment Complex If you own an apartment complex, you’re used to being called upon to fix a variety of issues in your apartments. With so many apartments and so many windows, it’s natural that some of your tenants will damage the window shades from time to time. Here are some tips for fixing window shades in your apartment complex. If the shades are beyond fixing, contact a commercial window covering provider in San Jose to purchase new window shades.

    Adjusting the Spring Tension
    If the shades roll up faster or slower than normal, the tension of the spring in the roller may need to be adjusted. An over-tightened spring will cause the shade to roll up quickly, while a spring that is too loose will cause the shade to roll up too slowly. To loosen the spring, just roll the shade up and remove the roller from the brackets holding it in place. To tighten the spring, pull the shade halfway down and remove the roller from the brackets. Roll the shade up manually and replace it in the brackets. Repeat until the shades roll up and unroll normally.

    Falling Shades
    If the window shades fall when you attempt to pull it down, either the brackets are too far apart or the pin in one side of the roller is worn down. If the brackets are on the outside of the window frame, tap them together gently using a hammer or try moving the brackets closer in. If this doesn’t help, consider purchasing new replacement window coverings from a commercial window covering provider in San Jose.

    Uncoiled and Locked Springs
    If a shade is stuck in a lowered position, the spring may be fully uncoiled. You can fix this by lifting the roller out of the brackets and unrolling the shade halfway. Using pliers, turn the flat pin on one end of the roller until you feel resistance. Repeat the procedure for tension adjustment if the spring is too loose or too tight. If the shade won’t pull down, the spring could be locked in the coil. The spring can be released by removing the roller from the brackets.

  • Choosing the Right Shades for Your Windows

    Solar Screen Shades in San Jose

    S hades make a big difference to a room. They control the amount of light that enters and provide privacy. Solar screen roller shades are a great choice for your commercial property or urban development. Consider the following benefits of choosing these window treatments .

    Solar screen shades give you maximum light control. You can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters without blocking it out completely. Because these shades block out sunlight, they reduce furniture fading while blocking harmful UV rays and reducing glare on computer screens. They also help keep interiors cool and comfortable. Since shades don’t completely obscure the window, like some window treatments, your customers and tenants can enjoy great views while receiving the benefit of reduced sunlight. Solar screen roller shades are also easy to operate and are very durable. These shades come in a variety of sizes to meet all of your window treatment needs.