• How Your New ShutterSMART Shutters Will Be Installed

    When you’re looking for window coverings near Milpitas or San Jose, you should take installation into account. Not all window shutters are easy to put up, and the way you install your window treatments can make all the difference. Watch this video on how your new ShutterSMART shutters will be installed.

    Start by put the leg inside the frame and setting a ¾-inch screw in the pre-drilled hole. Once both legs are in the frame, drill additional holes four inches below the angle on either side at the top, and two more that are four inches above the angles on the bottom. Then add two more on either side at the halfway mark. Set your shutters in the window opening and drill the screws in. Match up the hinges of the panel and the frame and drop the pins in, and then double check to ensure your panel is square in the opening.

  • Your Options for Minimizing Heat Transfer Through Windows

    Landlords who decide to upgrade the commercial window treatments for their apartments have plenty of options to choose from. Many window coverings available in Milpitas, San Jose are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally smart. If you include utilities in the monthly rent, energy efficiency is likely a top priority. But even if utilities aren’t included, you may find that energy-efficient apartment rentals attract better tenants. plantation - shutters


    Shades are a particularly popular type of commercial window treatment for apartment rentals because they add elegance to a room, they’re easy to care for, and they minimize heat transfer. Solar, cellular, and roller shades are available in a variety of color choices, although you may wish to choose a neutral color that is sure to please any tenant. Cellular shades are made in a honeycomb fashion. They feature pockets of air that improve the insulating effect. For best results, have the shades mounted close to the glass, and choose a size large enough to extend as close as possible to the sides of the window frames. Consider selecting a reversible shade with a reflective side and a heat-absorbing side. The reflective side should face the exterior during the summer to direct heat away from the apartment.


    Interior shutters, often known as plantation shutters, are among the most upscale residential window coverings you can choose. They instantly boost the value of the property, and they improve energy efficiency. Plantation shutters fit snugly into the window frame. This allows them to minimize heat transfer, and form an insulating barrier between the apartment and the outdoors. Wood and vinyl shutters are both energy-efficient, although wood resists the conductivity of heat better.

    Drapes and Blinds

    Drapes tend to pair well with aluminum or faux wood blinds. Blinds by themselves can minimize heat transfer slightly, although they aren’t nearly as energy-efficient as honeycomb shades. When paired with heavy drapes, this option is far more effective. Drapes with white backings should be drawn during the summer months to reflect the sun’s rays away from the rental unit. During the chillier months, the drapes can be drawn overnight to minimize heat loss from the apartment.

  • Selecting a ShutterSMART Collection

    If you are seeking a gorgeous alternative to traditional residential window coverings, new window shutters may offer exactly what you’re looking for. Plantation shutters can serve as beautiful window coverings for apartments and single-family homes. As you are shopping for residential window coverings and plantation shutters in San Jose , you may come across the ShutterSMART collection of products. To help you navigate all of the options that are available at your window treatment showroom, here is a tour of the highlights of the ShutterSMART collection. wood - shutters

    PolyClad Wood Shutters

    PolyClad Wood Shutters from ShutterSMART combine the durability of natural hardwood with the easy maintenance that is offered by poly surfacing. Each PolyClad Wood Shutter is built with a solid, hardwood center, which is then surfaced with poly materials. When you install these shutters throughout your home, you are sure to be impressed with how easy they are to clean and maintain. PolyClad Wood Shutters can also make a huge difference in the overall energy efficiency of your property.

    Woodland Wood Composite Shutters

    For those homeowners who are seeking green materials for their new shutters, Woodland Wood Composite Shutters are a great option. These shutters are crafted from natural wood materials, which do not contain paint or other chemicals that may contaminate your indoor air. If your goal is to create a home that is completely free of VOCs, you will find that Woodland Wood Composite Shutters are fabulous additions to your residence.

    MiraMonte HardWood Shutters

    In certain instances, only natural hardwood will suffice for your window treatments. When you are shopping for new shutters that are constructed entirely from natural hardwoods, consider MiraMonte HardWood Shutters. ShutterSMART crafts these all-wood shutters using traditional methods and materials. Once the hardwood shutters have been cut and dried, they will be finished with a durable primer that resists sunlight, moisture, and other forms of damage. If you have arched or round windows in your home, your MiraMonte HardWood Shutters can be built to fit the unique specifications of your window frames.

  • Reasons to Decorate with Plantation Shutters

    If you’re looking for commercial window treatments near Milpitas , you should consider installing plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are a sophisticated alternative to mini blinds, vertical blinds, drapes, and roller shades, and still are just as effective at controlling light and saving energy. Here are just some of the reasons that you should opt for plantation shutters for your commercial window covering needs. new - shutters


    One of the primary reasons that owners of commercial properties choose plantation shutters over other commercial shutters is that they are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Plantation shutters are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials, so it is very easy to choose the perfect commercial window treatment for your apartment’s existing décor. Most commercial window covering companies offer plantation shutters in natural wood, faux wood, vinyl, or plastic. You also have your choice of the width of the plantation shutter’s louvers, so you can create a custom designed window treatment that allows as much light in as you want.

    Durability and Cost

    Of all of the commercial window covering options available, plantation shutters are among the most durable and cost effective option. They are far less expensive than custom window drapes, and because they last much longer, they are often a more cost effective option than mini blinds or vertical blinds. Plantation shutters often sustain far less wear and tear than mini blinds, vertical blinds, and drapes because they are easier to operate. This means that they won’t need to be replaced or repaired as often as other commercial window coverings for apartments. They are also very low maintenance and easy to clean.


    A huge benefit of installing custom designed window treatments is that they can lower your energy costs significantly. Plantation shutters are custom designed to fit perfectly inside of any window size or shape, so they can completely block out the harsh, hot rays of the sun. They are very effective at preventing heat transference, so your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as long or as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. They can also quickly and easily be adjusted to allow more light into a room, reducing your dependence upon electric lighting during the day.

  • A Closer Look at AllView Shutters

    If you have been considering installing plantation shutters in Milpitas and San Jose, then you may want to look at AllView Shutters as your commercial window covering for apartments. AllView Shutters offer a multitude of benefits, especially as an economical option for the business owner who still desires a beautiful window covering . Continue reading for a closer look at your next plantation shutters: AllView Shutters.

    Whether these shutters will be used as commercial window coverings for apartments or installed in another commercial property, AllView Shutters are a strong and low-maintenance choice. They will not bend, scratch, or break easily. They also have no paint on them, meaning you or tenants will not have to worry about paint chips in the room. AllView Shutters are also great as added insulation against the sun’s heat or winter’s cold. AllView Shutters will insulate similar to a dual-paned glass, making it a great choice for added energy savings.

    apartment - windows

  • The Importance of Window Coverings for Retail Spaces

    If you are a business owner, you realize that many factors contribute to the efficiency, function, and look of your establishment. Window coverings near Milpitas are an important aspect of your retail space that affect its appearance and can improve its comfort.


    Visual Appearance

    Window treatments can have a significant impact on the appearance of your retail space. With the wide variety of commercial window coverings for apartments and businesses available, you will find that you have no shortage of choices. Including window treatments in your retail space design can transform its interior. Plantation shutters, blinds, and shades can all provide elegance and character in addition to function. Your window coverings can be custom made to fit the shape and size of your windows, and often come in a variety of materials and colors that can be used to complement your current décor.

    Light Control

    Natural light is a valuable element for most interior settings. Too much sunlight, however, can make it difficult to see products and may cause customers, clients, or tenants to feel uncomfortable while inside. Additionally, excessive sun exposure can damage your interior furnishings and carpeting by bleaching them of their color. With the broad range of window coverings to choose from, you will be able to find a treatment style that blocks as much sun as you would like at the times when you want it to. Shutters, roller shades, and blinds can each be designed and controlled to allow a small or large amount of natural light into your retail space.

    Temperature Regulation

    Even with a well-functioning air conditioner, sunny spots in your space can feel warm and become uncomfortable for customers and clients. Commercial window coverings for apartments and businesses can be fully or partially closed to reduce the amount of sunlight your retail interior receives. Additionally, the warmth created by the sunlight can increase your energy costs, making the air conditioning work harder to cool the building. Window coverings can be used to block sunlight as needed to improve your retail space’s energy-efficiency.

  • What Materials Should You Choose for Mini Blinds?

    If you have been considering mini blinds near Milpitas and San Jose , then continue reading for a quick guide to the main mini blind materials you will see. All three materials—PVC, aluminum, and faux wood—are great choices for your commercial window treatments for apartments. They should last a long time for the enjoyment of your renters, as well as provide sufficient sun and heat blockage. mini - blinds


    PVC blinds are the strongest of the three different mini blind options. They are considered heavy duty blinds that will not bend or warp as time goes on. They come in several different colors, styles, and finishes, and they require very little maintenance. They should only need some occasional dusting; other materials often require professional cleanings. PVC commercial mini blinds for apartments are the perfect choice when you want something to hold up through various renters and lifestyles.


    A close second in mini blind material would be aluminum. Just as versatile in color and design as PVC blinds, aluminum also offers close to the same durability. Aluminum is a great material to block light coming into or out of the apartment. You also have the ability to request it in one or two inch slats. Slat size makes a difference depending on the size of the windows you are covering. They also control how much light and viewing space you wish to allow through.

    Faux Wood

    Faux wood tends to be more expensive than either PVC or aluminum, but this mini blind material can offer a look very difficult to replicate. Faux wooden mini blinds can come in various colors, shades, and finishes, while still offering a warm and inviting look to your apartments. They are very durable and will stand the test of time, as long as they are maintained. Faux wooden mini blinds may need to be specially cleaned and dusted regularly to keep them strong and looking beautiful.

  • Reasons to Install Faux Wood Shutters

    If you are seeking new window coverings near Milpitas or San Jose, consider faux wood shutters. Faux wood shutters are a great option whether you looking for commercial window treatments for apartments, window treatments for an office, or window coverings for a residential home. Plantation style shutters are some of the most popular window treatments because they are fully adjustable by the resident and attractive.

    Faux wood shutters are a great option for commercial window treatments for apartments due to their durability. Unlike natural wood shutters, faux wood shutters are constructed from a polymer that holds up to wear and tear and does not require repainting or sanding. They also offer increased insulation to lower energy bills. Best of all, faux wood shutters are an attractive option that will lend your building a high end feel without the high end cost of real wood shutters.

  • Touring the Different Types of Shutters

    More and more homeowners and building owners are making the decision to install plantation style shutters in their properties. This style of window covering is a favorite due to its functionality, aesthetic appeal, and durability. If you are considering installing residential or commercial shutters in Milpitas or San Jose, keep reading for a breakdown of the different types of shutters available.

    Types of Shutters ShutterSMART Shutters

    ShutterSMART is the largest window shutter manufacturer in the United States. ShutterSMART offers a polyclad shutter, which is a hardwood shutter encased in a poly film. The wood core lends substance and strength, while the poly shell makes ShutterSMART shutters more durable to everyday wear and tear. Because of their elegant looks, these shutters are a great option for residential window coverings, whether it is in a home or an apartment building. Furthermore, ShutterSMART has been a leader in green building materials since 1983. ShutterSMART shutters are recyclable, as well as VOC and formaldehyde free.

    Allview Shutters

    Allview window shutters are another terrific option for commercial or residential window coverings. They offer all the beauty and elegance of hardwood shutters at a more economical price. Allview window shutters are constructed from a polymer and coated with a special Woodtex finish that makes them nearly indiscernible from natural wood shutters. Additionally, Allview shutters weigh less than traditional wood shutters, allowing for ease of use and installation. Allview shutters are also environmentally friendly. They are made in the United States, paint-free, MDF-free, and recyclable. On top of all of that, Allview shutters offer increased insulation to any home or business, lowering your energy use.

    Wood Shutters

    There is something truly timeless about the look and feel of real wood shutters. Crafted in the United States from natural hardwood, wood shutters are a top choice for residential window coverings. Because they can be painted or stained in different colors, wood shutters are a perfect option for the homeowner or discerning apartment designer who seeks a truly custom aesthetic. Real wood shutters are built to last from top quality lumber that will accent and enhance any living space.

  • Spotlight on Commercial Plantation Shutters

    If you’re looking for sophisticated window shutters in Milpitas for your commercial building, you should consider choosing plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are one of the most cost effective options for commercial window treatments. You can easily custom design window treatments to fit the size and aesthetics of individual offices and apartments, or common areas in your commercial property.

    Plantation shutters are very low-maintenance and durable, making them a great choice for areas with heavy traffic. They are dent resistant and fade resistant, so they will continue to look elegant and attractive for years to come. If they do suffer from damage, they are easily repaired under their lifetime warranty. Considering how much plantation shutters can improve the appearance of your commercial property, they are a great long-term investment.

    Plantation window shutters will also make your commercial building more energy efficient. They provide the same level of insulation as a dual pane window. They will allow your heating and cooling systems to operate more effectively and efficiently by preventing air from escaping the room or entering from outside. This can significantly lower the heating and cooling bills for your commercial property.