• Questions Tenants Ask About Child Safety and Window Treatments

    As a landlord, the safety of your tenants is a top priority. Some landlords must give themselves a crash course on child safety, especially if they’ve never taken care of young children themselves. And while tenants are certainly responsible for many childproofing tasks, such as putting safety plugs into outlets, landlords must keep child safety in mind when selecting commercial vertical blinds for their apartments in Milpitas, San Jose. Residential window coverings are available with child safety features. window - treatments

    Are all of the window treatments cordless?

    One major selling point for tenants with young kids is a rental unit with cordless window coverings. Consider installing elegant vertical window blinds that feature cordless operation. If you do purchase horizontal or vertical blinds with cords, look for newer options that feature breakaway cords. Remember to caution your new tenants that the cords will break if stressed.

    Can you use a retrofit kit or replace the blinds?

    Tenants with young children usually prefer cordless commercial blinds in their apartments. Some prospective tenants might ask if you’re willing to replace the current, older blinds, or if you’ll allow them to modify the window treatments themselves. Alternatively, consider whether you would purchase retrofitting kits for your property manager to use on the blinds. These keep cords safely out of reach of children.

    Are the blind casings and curtain rod installed safely?

    Unfortunately, cords aren’t the only potentially deadly hazard found in window coverings. Savvy parents may ask you about the curtain rods and blind casings. It’s essential to choose the right size of curtain rod for each window. If you have to extend the curtain rod out too far, it becomes weaker and less able to hold up the weight of the curtain. All it takes is one firm tug from a toddler’s hand to send it toppling downward. You should also make sure the blind casings are properly installed to prevent a collapse.

    Are plantation shutters safe for young kids?

    Yes, plantation shutters keep potentially dangerous cords out of young hands. They also add an upscale feel to any rental unit, making them a great choice for landlords who are considering property improvements.

  • Choosing a Slat Size

    There are a few factors you should consider when selecting commercial blinds for apartments in Milpitas, San Jose, including the slat size. Typically, residential window coverings feature one-inch or two-inch slat sizes, although some faux wood blinds are available in 2.5-inch slats. It might appear that there isn’t a significant variation in slat sizes, but once you have your blinds installed, you’ll notice that this detail can make a major difference.

    For large rooms—such as the living room of a unit or the common area of the building—you should usually choose larger slat sizes. Bathroom windows generally have blinds with smaller slat sizes. Consider the size of the window, too. Commercial blinds for apartments that have narrow windowsills and window frames will look well-balanced with a smaller slat. Larger windows and frames look well-proportioned with large blind slats. If you have a very large, panoramic window, consider installing faux wood blinds with 2.5-inch slats to make a dramatic impression on your prospective tenants.

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  • Let Your Tenants Know How to Avoid Chain Breakage

    Roller shades are popular window coverings for apartment units, because of their durability and ease of use. After you have installed your new commercial window coverings for your apartments serving San Jose, you will need to ensure that your tenants know how to properly use their blinds or shades. With a few simple steps, you can make sure that your occupants are able to protect your commercial roller shades from chain breakage and other issues.

    To avoid chain breakage, it is important that your occupants take special care when they open and close their residential window coverings. When the tenant is opening or closing the roller shades, he or she must always use two hands. Pulling the chain with only one hand can cause the chain to snap. As the shade is being drawn, your tenant will also need to hold on to the chain while it is in motion. Letting go of the chain can cause it to snag and break.

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  • Our Customization Options for Faux Wood Mini Blinds

    Whether you’re choosing commercial blinds for apartments or offices, faux wood mini blinds can be an ideal option. Faux wood mini blinds offer a combination of style and durability, and they can be customized in a number of different ways. If you are considering faux wood blinds in San Jose for your office or apartments, here is a look at some of the commercialization options you have.

    Faux wood blinds come in a number of different colors and finishes, so you can create a look that complements your commercial space. They can be cut to fit any size window, and can be designed with two or two-and-a-half inch slats, for a contemporary design. Although faux wood blinds look more expensive than some other commercial window coverings for apartments and offices, they can be affordable. They are also extremely durable, so they can hold up to the demands of a commercial space while giving a warmer look than other mini blind choices.

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  • A Landlord’s Repair Responsibilities

    For both landlords and tenants, understanding who is responsible for what repairs matters. When it comes to commercial window coverings for apartments in San Jose, for instance, who is responsible for repairing or replacing them if they are damaged?

    Watch this video for some insight into landlords’ repair responsibilities. When it comes to commercial blinds for apartments, if they were supplied with the property, then it is the landlord’s responsibility to repair or replace them. For this reason, choosing window shutters and blinds that are affordable can help you manage your expenses. Aluminum window blinds are often a good choice for rental units. They are available in both horizontal and vertical styles for different types of windows.

  • The Benefits of Commercial Roller Shades for Office Spaces

    Shades are essential for office spaces for a number of reasons, but you won’t get the most use out of them if you don’t choose the right ones. Commercial roller shades are a good fit for many offices in San Jose because they can work in so many different environments. If you are in the market for commercial window treatments, consider the following advantages of using roller shades in your office. roller - shades


    Commercial shades come in a wide variety of options, so they can work in almost any office area. Choose different sizes and colors to blend into your office décor and manage the amount of light that comes into a space. You can even choose roller shades made of reflective material that helps to reduce computer screen glare without diminishing your access to exterior light. Dual roller shades that share a single roll mechanism are ideal for spaces where you need a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the amount of light you want to let into the room.

    Easy Lighting Control
    In your office, sometimes you want to let in as much daylight as possible to make your space feel open and bright, and in other instances, it is necessary to reduce the amount of light to make the space suitable for presentations or to cut glare. With roller shades, you can easily adjust the light in your office to exactly what is necessary for any situation. If you opt for motorized rollers, making these adjustments will be even easier.

    Classic Style

    Roller shades are a classic look that never goes out of style. No matter what your office décor is or what kind of business you have, roller shades will never look out of place. They are timeless, so even when you renovate your office and overhaul your design, you won’t have to replace your shades, since they go with every look.

  • How to Clean Blinds Without Removing Them

    When you’re buying commercial blinds for apartments in Milpitas and San Jose , one important factor to consider is how easy they will be to clean. Your tenants will need to clean them, preferably without taking them down, and you will need to clean them between tenants. Watch this video to see how to clean horizontal blinds without removing them.

    According to this video, the trick to cleaning horizontal blinds is using an old sock so that you can easily access both sides at once, without removing the blinds. This trick can work on faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and even plantation shutters. Being able to clean your commercial blinds in your apartments without taking them down can make it easier than ever to prepare your units for new tenants.

  • Reasons to Install Shutters in Your Apartment Community Room

    Many of today’s modern apartment buildings include community rooms that are available for tenants and their family and friends. As you are shopping for commercial window coverings for apartments, you may want to pick out durable window coverings for your apartment community room. With services from a company that offers commercial window coverings for apartments serving San Jose, you can install attractive commercial shutters that will also help to keep your community room secure. Read on for a look at three reasons to install shutters in your apartment community room. apartment - shutters

    Provide UV Protection

    The community room in your apartment room may be used for a variety of activities, including watching movies or playing board games. If your tenants will be using the area to screen a moving during the daylight hours, they may want to be able to block out direct sunlight. New plantation shutters can be closed off so that they completely shade your interior space. Overall, shutters are a great method of sunlight and UV protection for your community room.

    Increased Energy Efficiency

    Since your community room is a space that is used by all of your tenants, there is a chance that utility bills for the area may be split between multiple persons. In order to make sure that your community room does not waste energy, you may want to schedule an energy-efficient shutter installation. With the shutters closed, your community room will be sealed from the outside elements, so it’s easy to heat up or cool down.

    Better Privacy and Security

    To make sure that your community room is a safe space for all of your tenants, you will need to make sure that access to the area is restricted to your residents and their guests. Your community room will be even more secure if it is equipped with durable plantation shutters. A new shutter installation will prevent non-residents from peering into the communal space, and your shutters can also help to deter break-ins and other types of criminal activity.

  • Cut Your Heating and Cooling Expenses with Window Treatments [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Residential window treatments and commercial window coverings for apartments and offices offer a broad range of benefits. Blinds provide light control, draperies contribute elegance, shutters have a luxurious appeal, and shades come in varieties that can complement any interior design style. In addition to these advantages, commercial and residential window coverings can save you money on your energy bills by improving your home or building’s energy efficiency. To learn how window treatments can reduce your costs for heating and cooling, check out this infographic from Builder’s Drapery Service in Milpitas . Please feel free to share this information with your friends and neighbors.

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  • Keeping the Blinds in Your Building Clean

    Once you have made the investment in commercial blinds for apartments in Milpitas , it’s important that you clean, repair, and maintain them carefully. Cleaning the mini blinds in your apartment building or office space will ensure that your residents, employees, and guests are comfortable and happy. Regular cleaning will also increase the lifespan of your mini blinds, cutting down on the amount of times that you will need to replace your commercial window coverings.

    Watch this video for some great tips on keeping the commercial blinds in your apartment or office building clean. You will get advice on how to clean aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds, natural wood mini blinds, and PVC slats. You can use simple cleaning products to maintain the aesthetic of your commercial mini blinds. When you keep the mini blinds in your commercial building clean, you will cut down on the indoor air pollution in the building.