Commercial Mini Blinds in San Jose

When you are in the market for commercial grade window coverings for your office space or multi-unit rental property, you might explore the durable, stylish, and cost-effective option of horizontal mini blinds. With Builder’s Drapery Service in San Jose, you can find a wealth of custom manufactured horizontal blinds that will suit any space. Read on to discover more about what mini blinds can offer to your commercial property in the Bay Area.

Why Choose Mini Blinds?

Commercial horizontal mini blinds offer versatile design with exceptional durability, so they are made to last. Little maintenance is required to upkeep these window coverings, which makes them ideal for the hectic environment of an office or retail space. Finally, you can make mini blinds fit into any budget, since there are several different materials that may be used in the manufacturing process to achieve the aesthetic you want while remaining economical.

What Are the Design Options?

With Builder’s Drapery Service, you have a few options for your truly custom horizontal blind design. With the materials below, you can create just the right look for any commercial property with timeless aesthetics and exceptional light-blocking.

  • Aluminum – Aluminum horizontal blinds are a classic choice that will offer true light blocking with the tightest closure in the industry. These blinds can be designed with one or two inch slats, and they will be crafted with the market’s strongest head rail to create a lasting window covering that can work in almost any space.
  • Faux wood – For a warmer look that still offers durability to face the wear and tear of a commercial environment, faux wood mini blinds will provide a signature design. You can customize faux wood with a variety of colors and finishes with custom cuts for window openings of all sizes. With faux wood blinds, you can choose between two and two and a half inch slats, which can provide a more contemporary look for modern spaces.
  • PVC – Our two inch PVC horizontal blinds are heavy duty mini blinds that offer the same look as aluminum but will resist bending and warping over time. The smooth, curved vinyl of these blinds is easy to clean and requires virtually no maintenance outside of occasional dusting.

To explore all of your options for commercial blinds in San Jose or Milpitas, contact us at (408) 263-3300. We will work with you to find the best custom solutions for any design and budget.

Value Statements

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  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance Cost (local manufacturer and readily available part replacements)
  • Fantastic Warranty
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