July 31, 2020

Dear Customers:

Builders Drapery Service, Inc. will be closing permanently on July 31st, 2020. It is with our deepest regret that we have been forced into this decision because of the COVID-19 shutdowns causing an unsustainable economic slow down.

Builders Drapery Service, Inc. has been a main stay in the new construction, apartment and wholesale industries for over 48 years. Our family has been proud of what we have done for these industries and we are thankful to have you all as our customers.

We have ceased taking orders but we will remain active in collecting our receivables.

Please remit all payments on time to Builders Drapery Service, Inc. and send them to:

450 S. Abel St
P.O. Box 361810
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also reach us to discuss payments by email at John.Garden@buildersdrapery.com.

Thank you again for patronage for over 48 years.


The Garden Family

Commercial Plantation Shutters in San Jose

Window Shutters for Apartments, Hotels, Motels, Business and Commercial Buildings. Durability, beauty and economical price are all make this window covering a good choice.


  1. Shutters for San Jose Commercial PropertiesLow Maintenance
  2. Durable – Our products have a hard poly skin that is dent resistent, but no matter, because damage is easily and quickly repaired. Our factory is located in Milpitas CA
  3. Economical Price
  4. Lifetime Warranties
  5. Energy Efficiency – Same insulation as a Low E, dual pane window.


Enhance the beauty of your business or commerical space with this elegant shutter. Our polyclad plantation shutter offers durability, functionality and grace to any window. Polyclad shutters are unique because it is actually a hardwood shutters inside a poly skin. And if that isn’t enough the polyclad shutter offers the Smallest Environmental Footprint of any shutter available. Manufactured in Milpitas CA and offers SmartView hidden tilt and is worry-free from paint chipping and easy to clean with soap and water.



Lighter product, because there is less wood at it’s core and is perfect for smaller windows. This is our most economically priced product, that offers great price and durability.

Perfect for rental property club house, hotel rooms, commercial properties and businesses. With the look and feel of real wood shutters and manufactured in our Milpitas factory, we keep the price down and the quality up.

The AllView Shutter is our most economically priced plantation shutter. The AllView Shutter is made with a durable poly resin material and has a low maintenance WoodTex finish, wood is installed at the corners and stress points for durability. The AllView shutter insulates like a dual pane, low E window, and because it isn’t painted, you don’t have worry about the paint chipping. AllView Shutters are easy to clean with soap and water.



Hand painted and “Made in the USA”. The wood shutter offers quality craftsmanship and and a durable painted finish. Perfect for commerical applications where white or off-white doesn’t work in the room.


For more information about our plantation shutters, call us at (408) 263-3300.

Value Statements

  • Family Business
  • Factory Direct
  • American Made Products
  • Serving the multifamily housing market since 1972
  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance Cost (local manufacturer and readily available part replacements)
  • Fantastic Warranty
  • Quality Products
  • Measure and Installation Service Available